GRAND JUNCTION, CO., August 15, 2016…..Each year thousands of patients are placed in medical hospitals or law enforcement facilities when what they need is psychiatric care. The cause is a shortage of behavioral health resources. In light of national research that demonstrates a seven-fold savings when these same patients are placed in appropriate care, this shortage is costing the community millions of dollars annually.

Mind Springs Health, founded in 1972 to help address behavioral health issues, is embarking on a Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives capital campaign to fund the expansion of its West Springs Hospital located in Grand Junction, CO. Roger Sheffield, Vice-President of Development for Mind Springs Health announced one of the campaign’s most significant Pacesetter investments of $2,500,000 from St. Mary’s Medical Center | SCL Health. Sheffield said “St. Mary’s investment demonstrates the successful collaboration of top-tier community leaders in tackling some of the toughest health care problems facing the Grand Valley and the entire Western Slope. Together we invite others to join us in co-creating this deeply needed resource.”

St. Mary’s Hospital President, Brian Davidson, explains, “From our founding, St. Mary’s has been the catch net for all health issues, but that model is expensive and no longer sustainable. We are turning our investment focus to helping people get the right care, in the right place, at the right time. This is a powerful concept in care coordination that helps lower the cost of healthcare. At the same time it’s improving people’s lives, and the health of our entire community.”

A recent study* released by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that smoother transitions in care effectively lower readmission and hospitalization costs. The study is one of many that emphasize the power of care coordination. Davidson adds, “Our investment in West Springs Hospital is meant specifically to deliver the benefits of community-based, collaborative care coordination and hospitalization on the West Springs campuses.”

By constructing the new inpatient center in Grand Junction, Mind Springs Health will effectively help twice as many people get the psychiatric hospitalization they need. The Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives campaign will include the addition of up to 64 new psychiatric patient beds at West Springs Hospital, the only psychiatric hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City.

“The need continues to grow and it’s not going away on its own,” said Mind Springs Health President & CEO Sharon Raggio, adding, “The cost to the community of unmet behavioral health needs goes well beyond direct patient care. West Springs Hospital is positioned to help fill the resource gap and deliver the healing that people need, and fulfill the hope of lives rebuilt. Now is the time to pull our resources together to meet these needs for the good of the people and the entire community.”

Davidson concludes, “In helping to fill the funding gap for the expansion of West Springs Hospital, we are supporting Mind Springs Health’s mission, and a model that is fiscally sustainable so they can better meet the behavioral health needs of our community and the care and healing of these patients in the proper setting.”