The new West Springs Hospital has received the gift of solar energy from a generous donor in Eagle County who would like to remain anonymous. This important investment in the wellbeing of our communities comes just as the hospital has broken ground for its expanded facility, one which will provide twice as many people in severe psychiatric crises with life-saving treatment.

“The gift of solar panels, allowing us to tap solar power, is a gift that will continue to give for years to come,” said Kim Boe, Executive Vice President of West Springs Hospital. “I can now add ‘solar’ to the list of efficient and effective innovations that are going into a state-of-the-art facility the western slope can be proud of.”

The rooftop-mounted photovoltaic solar system will include 68 panels and in-panel inverters and will provide approximately 1/8th of West Springs Hospital’s annual power requirements.

“I was excited to have the opportunity to contribute to such an important and needed project and to do so in a way that also encourages our non-profit infrastructure to be environmentally sustainable,” the Eagle County –based donor commented. “I hope those in the private and public sector throughout the Western Slope will continue to invest in needed community resources and infrastructure while being conscientious about the environmental impacts of those projects.”

The solar system, which is expandable and has a lifespan of 30-50 years or more, is expected to save the hospital hundreds of dollars a month in energy bills. This thoughtful gift will keep on giving in the form of tens of thousands of energy credits for years to come.

“Solar generation of electrical energy translates down the road to reduce the amount of electrical energy that our utility company, XCEL Energy, must produce,” said Rob Jenkins AIA, Owner’s Project Representative for Mind Springs Health. “XCEL recognizes this contribution and will provide monthly Renewable Energy Credits to Mind Springs Health over the next 20 years.”

If you or others are also interested in investing in this lifesaving project, please find more information at

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