New to Fundraising?

It may feel intimidating at first, but when you’re passionate about your cause – you can do amazing things!


Show donors how it is done

  • Make the first donation, so your friends and family can see how strongly you believe in suicide prevention.


Engage in open dialogue

  • Be ready and willing to talk about suicide


Share your story

  • How has suicide impacted your life? Have you lost a loved one to suicide?  Share your story and tell people why you are raising money.  Send personal emails and notes whenever possible.  Always send a thank you note to those donating on your behalf.


Be visible

  • Customize your email signature by adding a direct link to your personal Pedal for Prevention fundraising page. If your company has a place to share news, such as a newsletter, blog, or internal website, ask to be featured.
  • Post about your fundraising efforts on social media.


Rally company support

  • Ask your employer if they will match the money you have raised.


Just ask!

  • Just ask the question, “Will you donate to a suicide prevention event and help save a life?”