The new West Springs Hospital was designed carefully with incorporated feedback from former patients and their families, law enforcement, staff and national design experts in psychiatric hospitals. This highly-adaptable and welcoming 63,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility provides accommodations equipped for the very best psychiatric inpatient treatment in the country.

Plans for the new West Springs Hospital Include:

  • A prominent public entrance and welcoming lobby
  • A dedicated crisis entrance and lobby
  • A new admissions and assessment unit
  • A total of 48 new patient beds in three units, with a a dedicated child and adolescent unit
  • 12 dedicated areas for individual therapy and family meetings
  • Four interior courtyards for outdoor recreation and therapy, including:
    • A half court outdoor gym
    • An outdoor dining and activity courtyard
  • Quiet spaces for individual reflection
  • Large, open dayrooms and group room spaces
  • A large activity room for creative expression