“Out of a mountain of despair,
a stone of hope.”

– Martin Luther King

2020 has proven to be an unusual year to say the least. During such unprecedented times, Coloradans are increasingly facing mental health challenges- both with mental illness and addiction. Either directly or indirectly, these crises of epic proportions are impacting every single one of us. However, with compassion and partnership, we can be STRONGER TOGETHER. Together, we are stronger than the obstacles we face that may be impacting our fellow friend, neighbor, or family member.

With your help, we can be a “stone of hope.” We can change things- one person, one family, one story at a time. We can SAVE LIVES. Learn today how you can help make a difference.

Ways to Give

When you give to Mind Springs Foundation, you are investing in your community’s mental health.

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Back to School

We are proud to share the “Back to School Toolkit” – a helpful resource for parents and teachers to help students returning to school, whether virtually or in person. You can download the kit in English or in Spanish.

Life-Saving Community Training & Education

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you identify, understand and respond to signs of addiction and mental illness. Mind Springs Foundation is working to DOUBLE the number of people on the Western Slope that receive Mental Health First Aid training.  Learn More

Peer Perspectives

By using their lived experiences with mental illness and recovery, peers provide support and insight that’s based in strength, and are able to reach those struggling in a truly authentic way.  Learn More

In the News

As we help change the way mental health and substance abuse is perceived, stay abreast of the latest news and developments within our organization and industry.  Read More

In the News