The Mind Springs Foundation was launched in early 2020, with the goal of serving as the philanthropic arm of both Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital.

The process to create the Mind Springs Foundation began well before the first COVID-19 case in Colorado, however, the timing of the newly created 501(c)(3) was welcome, as research is showing us that there will be a significant increase in demand for behavioral health services as our state and nation continue to cope with the ramifications of this virus. Substance use and addiction are on the rise as well.  All gifts to Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital are now directed and receipted through the new Foundation, which will help alleviate confusion and will provide an easier process for donors making philanthropic gifts.  The Foundation will create greater program transparency, while allowing the Mind Springs Health organization to support mental health programming and efforts throughout Colorado in the future.


Mind Springs Foundation Mission: We connect philanthropic passion with exceptional programs to support a mentally healthy and vibrant Western Slope.

Vision and Values

Vision:  Our vision is for a mentally healthy and vibrant Western Slope.


  • Innovation
  • Consistency
  • Effectiveness
  • Visionary
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Connectivity

How we support the mission

There is a crisis, a crisis of epic proportion in our nation, states, communities and neighborhoods. This crisis is mental illness and addiction. Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital, the largest and most comprehensive behavioral health organization on the Western Slope is committed to providing much needed clinical and inpatient services to combat this crisis. We cannot solve this crisis overnight or on our own, and the work we have in front of us will not be easy. There is no roadmap for how this should be done; we will embark on our journey with compassion, partnership and determination. An estimated 382,000 Coloradans said they needed treatment for mental health services but couldn’t access the help they needed. Another 67,000 reported needing substance abuse treatment.

Everyone deserves to be happy and live a fulfilled life, but there are always obstacles to overcome. We must remember that mental health and addiction are part of our overall health, and just like we take care of our physical bodies, we must also nurture our minds.

The Mind Springs Foundation was created to providing philanthropic support to meet these pressing needs. The Foundation’s first priority is to underpin the work of Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital as these two organizations provide outpatient and inpatient services for our families, friends and communities on the Western Slope.

We need the philanthropic support of our communities and friends to meet the challenges of providing mental health and addiction services throughout our 10 county service areas, ultimately allowing us to achieve the mission: We Save Lives.