Awareness begins with you! Help us spread our message about the Mind Springs Foundation campaign.

Talk About Mental Health

Is someone in your family struggling with a mental illness or addiction? Do your friends and family know that mental illness is common and that there are effective treatment methods? Do they know how to ask for help if they need it? One of the best things we can do to break the stigma often associated with mental illness and addiction is by talking about it openly and honestly.

Share our Updates on Social Channels

Sharing our updates on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn will help create awareness of our services and help us work toward our fundraising priorities.

Reach Out to Those who Need Help

Have you noticed a friend, family, colleague or even an acquaintance that seems to be struggling with mental illness or addiction? Reach out to them and let them know they are not alone. Refer them to our services and let them know that treatment is available.

Our Patients Say

“I’m doing good. I would love to give the doctor a big hug, never thought I would ever say that. You guys saved my life. I hope to one day be a peer and not a patient and I am already in the process of looking into being a peer specialist.

“I was treated here with dignity, honor, value and respected as an equal. This helped me through a challenging time. It is nice to have the freedom that I can believe that all is going to end with help, healing and me moving in a positive direction when I leave and return to resume my life at home. Thank you bunches for making me a ‘healthier me’.

“Everyone was very friendly, helpful, therapeutic, professional and caring. Every staff member was down to earth and made me feel comfortable and not intimidated and cared for. I know if I have issues that I am having a hard time facing there are people who care and a safe place to go.”