Mind Springs Foundation Board of Directors


Bill Anuszewski
Jaywalker Lodge


Andy Bacon
Retired Banker

Glen Jammaron 2019_cropped

Glen Jammaron
Alpine Bank, Glenwood Springs


Pat Tucker
Conquest Development LLC

Yajko, Alexandra

Alexandra Yajko

Charitable & Non-Profit Consultant

Our Philanthropy Team

Roger D. Sheffield

My role with Mind Springs Foundation is in conjunction with my team and colleagues, to set and succeed in the philanthropic initiatives that provide vital services to those suffering from mental illness. I am the President of Mind Springs Foundations and I would with our philanthropic partners to engage them with the organization, provide results with their philanthropy and work with very talented team and peers. For nearly 30 years, I’ve been in the philanthropic world with private liberal arts colleges in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain area. Through these experiences, I’ve learn from extraordinary colleges in the art of fundraising, leading to two basic and valuable points; learn from the donor what their mission and vision are with their philanthropy and engage them with the program and services that match their vision.

I joined Mind Springs because there was a desperate need on the Western Slope for a state of the art Psychiatric Hospital, which provides sanctuary and helps people rebuild their lives. I stay with Mind Springs because of the incredibly talented team we employ throughout our 10 county region and we are truly saving lives every day.


Shiara Hickey Caubarreaux
Development Officer

My role as Development Officer with Mind Springs Foundation is to support all development functions of our organization, as well as build upon our outreach and partnerships in our local communities.  I love that my job allows me to work on such a diverse number of projects.  You might find me working on our annual fundraising campaign, planning special events, cultivating relationships with community leaders and other local non-profits, as well as building upon our own internal employee giving campaign at Mind Springs.  While my background is in secondary education, my involvement and passion for philanthropy has led me to accept this position working in fundraising and development.  Over the past 10 years, I have served on a number of boards in positions of leadership and have worked with many local non-profits helping them to grow their fundraising potential.

I joined Mind Springs because I wanted to work for an organization that makes a direct positive impact in our local communities.  Coloradans are increasingly facing mental health challenges every day- both with mental illness and addiction. Either directly or indirectly, these crises of epic proportions are impacting every single one of us. However, with compassion and partnership, we can be STRONGER TOGETHER.