Each year, one in four adults are affected by a diagnosable mental disorder. These people are your co-workers, your neighbors and your family members. When you give to Mind Springs Foundation, you are investing in your community’s mental health. We thank you for your interest in supporting this much needed expansion of mental health care in the mountain towns of Colorado.

Make a Donation

Every penny you give goes towards expanding mental health care and strengthening our communities. Make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly contribution here. Eligible donations to the Mind Springs Foundation in support of West Springs Hospital and Women’s Recovery Center capital campaigns can qualify for the Enterprise Zone (EZ) Tax Credit.

Secure credit card contributions at mindspringsfoundation.org/ways-to-give/make-a-gift

All checks should be made out to Mind Springs Foundation.
and can be mailed to:

  • Mind Springs Foundation
    PO Box 4554
    Grand Junction, CO 81502-4554

Please call 970.384.3042 to arrange cash investments.

We value the power of our community partnerships. It is important to know that many employers offer the opportunity to match an employee’s charitable investment. This is a wonderful way to strengthen your impact and provide us with the necessary resources to assist more people.


In Memoriam
Memorial gifts are a special expressions to remember and honor the memory of a friend, loved one or associate.

In Honor of

  • A gift in honor of is a wonderful way to recognize and express gratitude for a special person.
  • A friend who is using all of their tools to work towards recovery
  • A loved one who is consistently going to their therapy appointments and making positive life changes
  • The therapist at Mind Springs Health that helped you begin your personal recovery journey

Gifts of appreciated securities may offer substantial tax advantages. Consult your financial advisor to see how you could benefit from making a gift to save and rebuild lives in your community.
Please contact Sheryl Howley Johnson, Donor Relations Administrator, at SHowleyjohnson@MindSpringsFoundation.org or 970.384.3042 for further information and wiring instructions.

For individuals over the age of 72, making charitable contributions from your IRA can satisfy a required mandatory distribution and also offer added tax benefits.

This video clearly explains how the Charitable IRA Rollover works

For more information on IRA distributions please contact your Financial Adviser  or contact:
Roger Sheffield, President
RSheffield@MindSpringsFoundation.org or (970)384-3035

Planned gifts include investments made through your will, insurance policies, retirement plan, charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) or charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT). Charitable remainder trusts can generate a stream of income for the giver while also having tax benefits.

Consult your legal or financial advisor to determine how a planned gift can offer benefits for you and the future of Mind Springs Health.

There are two ways you can give a gift of life insurance:
by designating Mind Springs Health as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance plan or by opening a new policy with Mind Springs Health as the beneficiary.

Now, more than ever, is a critical time that your contributions are providing life-saving interventions Mind Springs is providing individuals across western Colorado.

Create a legacy or show your appreciation to a loved one. Legacy naming or deferred legacy gift opportunities available. Mind Springs Foundation will assist you in creating a meaningful naming opportunity.

Host a Presentation

Many community members don’t know that West Springs Hospital is the only Psychiatric Hospital from Denver to Salt Lake City, UT until they or a family member are in need. Invite us to present our plans to your local civic groups so that we can create greater awareness of the benefits of investing in mental health care.

Spread the Word

Above all, we aim to ensure every single person knows that mental health and addiction care are available to them. Learn about some of the many ways you can spread the word to your friends and family.

*The information represented is of a general nature and should not be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice. Every taxpayer’s situation is different. The descriptions and examples provided may not be applicable to every taxpayer’s specific circumstances, which could require the consideration of other tax and non-tax factors. Please consult a tax advisor prior to taking any action based on this information.