Inpatient Access & Care

West Springs Hospital Phase II

Phase II Fundraising Goal $10,000,000

Raised to date: $25,000

Phase I Fundraising Goal $17,750,000


West Springs Hospital, a state-of-the-art, life-saving psychiatric inpatient facility & the sole psychiatric hospital on the Western Slope

When the Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives campaign began in 2016, the national average for psychiatric hospital beds was 32 for every 100,000 people, with Colorado’s Front Range averaging 22 beds per 100,000 and the Western Slope a mere 6 beds – woefully under supporting the needs of our communities. Patients in life-threatening crises languished in community hospital ERs, jails or at home with family members and didn’t receive the care they needed, when they need it. The new West Springs Hospital doubles the number of psychiatric beds on the Western Slope to 64 by combining a new 48-bed building with one of the previously existing, outdated 16-bed unit. Patients now are able to get the life-saving treatment they need immediately.

Phase II  – 16-bed Unit – 64 total new beds

Seeking to replace the existing, outdated 16-bed unit, Phase II completes the new hospital plan and finishes the northwest quadrant of the property with a 16-bed unit to offer all patients the advantages of the new the state-of-the art facility.

Phase I – Three 16-bed Units – 48 total new beds

Opened December 4, 2019, the new West Springs Hospital has become a national leader in patient-centric design and innovation. The design brings the outside in and creating a safe, home-like environment where patients begin the process of rebuilding their lives and prepare to re-join their families and communities.  Read more.

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Laura Brown
Philanthropy Coordinator-Grant & Donor Relations