Behavioral Health in Eagle County

Transforming care, in partnership with Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and Vail Health Foundation

The people of Eagle County are alarmed about the number of their loved ones suffering or being lost to suicide. Eagle Valley Behavioral Health has set a goal to improve services and delivery of behavioral health care throughout the Valley, with plans to develop an integrated, cross-functional health center to ensure ease and availability of 24/7 access and care. Enhanced cultural services, tele-psychiatry and preventative services are also anticipated. The Eagle Valley Behavioral Health has set an initial 10-year fundraising goal of $100,000,000 to bring this shared vision to reality.

Specific Initiatives for this Project: 

  • Launching an effort to make it easier for patients to see health care professionals and receive care
  • Making sure behavioral health care is available in Spanish to help ensure that all members of our community are able to access care
  • Working to streamline communications across organizations so patients receive coordinated care
  • Providing more opportunities for telehealth
  • More education, awareness, and prevention

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