“Out of the mountain of despair,
a stone of hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

2020 has proven to be an unusual year to say the least.  A global pandemic and the largest wildfires in Colorado’s history have caused an increase in anxiety, depression, and substance use throughout our state.  For many individuals, 2020 has brought with it a long list of trials and moments of defeat.  Many people are quick to make comments like, “2020 can be over now”, “let’s just erase 2020”, or “2021 can’t come soon enough.”

 While you may find yourself on the same page, the truth is 2020 did happen.  With all the challenges, we have also witnessed tremendous strength in our organization and within the communities we serve.  In the spirit of resiliency and perseverance, we are thankful for:


A greater understanding of how others are feeling through imagining ourselves in another’s situation leads the way to empathy. The mental healthcare providers at Mind Springs Health practice empathy daily, to care for those who are struggling.


Though separated from those we care about during times of isolation, we are connecting with one another in new and meaningful ways. Whether through social media live streaming or via virtual sessions on Zoom, technology has allowed us to continue to connect with our patients and colleagues in new, innovative ways.


At times, it feels we’ve lost so much, including our sense of “normal.” We are grateful that we have continued to provide behavioral health services through the duration of the pandemic and wildfires, without displacing any of our compassionate staff or discontinuing any of our essential services despite the economic downturn.


The new Women’s Recovery Center opened this summer and continues to offer hope to women battling co-current mental health disorders and substance use issues. Through this holistic residential treatment program, many women now have the hope of rebuilding their lives and keeping their families together, and we share in that hope as we help them heal.


Your generosity will allow us to help fund necessary, life-saving mental health programs provided by Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital. We do not know what 2021 will bring. We do know that many individuals and families in our ten-county service area will need behavioral health services in the weeks and months to come.

In this season of giving, we hope you will consider a donation today that will help us save lives.  Please see our “Ways to Give” Page to make a gift.