The changing of seasons mirrors the ebb and flow of life. As winter surrenders to spring, transformation ensues—the earth awakens from its slumber, buds unravel, and growth renews at every turn. Yet, this transition is not always gentle. Perseverance becomes a companion during the storms that accompany these shifts. Just as nature endures the chaos of storms, individuals face internal turmoil—personal crises, emotional upheavals, and uncertainties. The seasons remind us that after every chaotic night, there emerges a calm morning—a chance to rebuild, to find clarity, and to regain control.

Mind Springs’ Mobile Crisis teams, help navigate individuals through their personal storms. They provide 24/7 crisis response to individuals experiencing a mental health emergency including self-harm, suicidal thoughts, or suicidal ideation. With in-depth risk assessments, care, resources, and referrals, they offer a lifeline during mental health emergencies. 

Across our 10-county area and neighboring counties, the Crisis teams have observed an uptick in crisis responses during the winter months, averaging 27 crisis interventions per week in February. Additionally, Psychiatric Emergency Department visits have surged by 25% from December to January. To meet this increased demand, Mind Springs Health has not only expanded staffing at West Springs Hospital but has recently acquired vehicles to transport individuals needing immediate help.


Mind Springs Health, Inc. working with

Mesa County to prevent suicides. 

Featured in The Daily Sentinel.

Mind Springs Health is one of the Western Slope’s primary providers of behavioral counseling and therapy; Chief Medical Officer at Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital Dr. David Conklin said that nearly all of the network’s programs are equipped to treat suicidal ideation in one aspect or more.

“In the last year, we have prioritized access to care,” Conklin said. “We reduced the wait time for new patients from multiple weeks to same day or one week.”     Read more here.



Mind Springs Health, Inc. supporting School District 51 Foundation’s White Iced event.