In Spanish, “promotores” translates to community health care workers and at Mind Springs Health, we employ promotores to better serve our Latino and homeless populations.

Beverly Lampley, Director of Development and Communication of Catholic Outreach shares that Mind Springs’ promotores work with Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Day Center clients, who are the “literal homeless on the street”. The promotores “walk among them, listen to these individuals, and help when it’s asked. That is valuable because so often this population of people are dismissed and when someone takes the time to listen to their story, it can make all the difference.”

Each week Mind Springs Promotores work at the Day Center, spending an hour or more of their morning, talking to clients and providing mental health resources to those who want and need them. Sometimes clients may just need someone to talk with; at other times, clients may be in more of a serious crisis and require additional mental health interventions. Whatever the case, promotora Jimena emphasizes the importance of their teamwork saying, “We all work together.”

Promotores Jimena & Sophia. Not pictured, Indhera.

Sofia has encountered several clients in crisis. She shares an experience working with a particular client at the Day Center. “I worked with a man who desperately needed a same day outpatient appoint at Mind Springs Health. I helped him schedule that appointment and assisted him with transportation needs to and from the appointment. While receiving ongoing treatment at Mind Springs, I helped him complete a number of job application and assisted him in in living independently. Within a span of a couple months, this individual now has a job, lives in a home, and has his own transportation.”

It’s not surprising to Beverly at Catholic Outreach who frequently sees that the promotores’ visits have positive effects on the individuals who are homeless. “It’s amazing what happens when this community comes together.”

Another large service area of work for Promotores is helping the Latino population access services and act as a translator when needed. They are also active members in the Spanish-speaking community, attending the Spanish Advisory Group run by the Mesa County Health Department. Here they learn about the current needs in the Spanish-speaking community and the various community resources that collaboratively work together to provide services. Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital provide critical crisis care and wrap around services to assist individuals and their loved ones through treatment. Mind Springs Health now provides same day appointments and our Psychiatric Emergency Department receives walk-ins 24/7 for mental health assessment and treatment.


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