Telehealth services have revolutionized the way people access mental healthcare, providing convenient and efficient medical assistance remotely.  This mode of healthcare delivery has become increasingly popular, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mind Springs has been utilizing telehealth services long before the pandemic.  One of the key benefits of telehealth services is accessibility. People living in remote areas, those with mobility limitations, or those seeking an increased sense of privacy and convenience, can now discuss their mental health concerns outside of a clinical setting.  Rural service areas have historically been fueled by provider shortages and because of our catchment area, telehealth access has allowed Mind Springs to reach underserved populations in these remote areas, transforming the lives of many who need support.

Currently, mental telehealth accounts for about 37% of all telehealth appointments. Mind Springs’ growing telehealth program gives clients access to over 35 remote clinicians regardless of the client’s location. Appointments include individual and group therapy, case management, psychiatry, and substance use disorder treatment. With Mind Springs, clients can receive wrap around services through one organization whose staff and services work together to aid in recovery.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office recently held a “Fentanyl Crisis Conversation” night on Wednesday, January 31 at West Grand High School with guest panelists from Mind Springs Health. Fentanyl remains a true crisis in many Western Slope communities. 

Mind Springs Health Leadership and Garfield County Community Partners tour construction of the new Glenwood Springs Medical Withdrawal Mangement Facility opening in 2024.

Mind Springs Inc. CEO, John Sheehan, speaks to the Grand Junction Rotary about progress and future goals for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital.

Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce’s Mesa County Leadership touring West Springs Hospital with Associate Vice President of Nursing, West Springs Hospital, Intermountain Health, Peaks Region, St. Mary’s, Carlo Piraino (right).