Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital served over 11,000 family members, friends, and colleagues in 2023. Whether seeking help through one of our 10-county service areas, through inpatient care at West Springs Hospital, or care at one of our residential addiction treatment facilities, patients received life-saving treatment.


The West Springs Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Department (PED) has been in operation for one year! This PED has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access and has served over 1,900 patients since January 2023.

West Springs Hospital and Mind Springs Health treated and cared for 321 children and adolescents under 18 for 2,158 bed days. 968 adults were treated for a total of 8,499 bed days.


The Women’s Recovery Center provided residential addiction and mental health treatment for 213 women and their children, which is an increase of 12% over 2022.  The Circle Program admitted 190 men, in addition to creating 8 additional beds at the new Residential at Mind Springs (RAMS) wing by West Springs Hospital. Both programs are the only programs in Colorado where women and their children can be together while receiving intensive addiction treatment. These men and women are on their way to recovery and rebuilding their lives!


Mind Springs broke ground in 2023 for a medically assisted withdrawal treatment center in Glenwood Springs in collaboration with ten entities in Garfield County. This facility is a build out onto the existing office in Glenwood Springs and will have up to 10 beds. The facility opens in 2024. For more information or to donate to the capital campaign and receive an Enterprise Zone tax credit for qualified donations, visit here.






in December, the Mind Springs Foundation delivered diapers, wipes, formula and other infant & toddler necessities to the Women’s Recovery Center. 


Christi Reece of the real estate Christi Reece Group sits down with Mind Springs Health CEO, John Sheehan, to discuss the important topics of mental health, the services Mind Springs offers, and the changes they have been making to bring the best mental health care to Western Colorado. 

CEO John Sheehan – Mind Springs Health – Full Circle Podcast – The Christi Reece Group